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" I have been to my fair share of weddings and more often then not, the guest favors have included some sort of chocolate or candy. While this is great in the short term, once the candy is eaten, it’s forgotten. I wanted something that would make our wedding stand out from the others and that would remind people of our special day for years to come. When I heard of the mini plants available from The Wedding Greenhouse, I knew this was the perfect solution! My husband and I chose the mini palms for our guest favors and they turned out better than we could have ever imagined! I was thrilled because after spending so much time and energy planning for one event, I wanted everything to be perfect. As for the plants, I selected a bow to coordinate with our wedding theme and they looked like they were designed to be part of the centerpieces. They added a fresh and unique appearance to the tables and were a beautiful compliment to the rest of the reception hall decor. I had tons of compliments on them and now, almost two years later, I still have people telling me that their plants are alive and thriving. After the wedding, you can transplant them into larger pots and those things will live forever! I am delighted we opted to go with mini plants favors. They certainly helped to make our wedding day a memorable one! .

After growing tropical plants and greens for the florist industry for nearly 50 years, we now offer our plants and other living bridal reception decor, direct to the bride."


" I got one of the little palms at the ABC-Florida East-West meeting the end of February. It's now the end of May! As a testament to a product I can really promote - I just transplanted the little palm to a larger pot - I didn't kill it. It's been near the kitchen sink (where I wouldn't forget to water it occasionally), but it looks great! Thanks. If I can't kill it - then you've got something really special. I've looked at it daily - seen your little logo on the pot - really a great little marketing idea. I'll be sure to mention this to brides looking for a different and "green" favor."

Elise Enloe, MBC
ABC Director of Education
ABC-Florida State Coordinator
407 977-9338

" Jason and I wanted to say THANK YOU to you and The Wedding Greenhouse Team! The mini palm wedding favors exceeded our expectations and more, and helped to make our wedding day beautiful! The coloring from the mini palm wedding favors added so much to our guests’ tables, it really made them pop at the reception!! Everyone really enjoyed them, and many of our guests still continue to comment on them. Not only have we planted some here at our new home, but many of our guests have called to say that they have as well! The favors were perfect and unique, exactly what we wanted for our wedding day.
I wanted to also let you know how nice it was doing business with the company. Carol, you made the whole process enjoyable and simple whether it was communicating by phone or through e-mail. You answered all of my questions, provided me with tracking numbers for our order, the shipping date and times of when to expect our wedding favors, and Fed EX delivered them right on time…the whole process was stress and worry free! It was very exciting to receive our favors and the fast approaching day became even more real when we saw our names and wedding date so nicely imprinted on the little pots. Of course we wanted to make sure we placed the bows on just right for the big day, but the set up was simple and fun, and the instructions that were included were easy to follow.
You and The Wedding Greenhouse company are professionals when it comes to adding beauty to anyone’s big day or celebration. We would like you to know that we highly recommend The Wedding Greenhouse and your variety of little Wedding Plant Favors to any bride!!

Thank you again to you and The Wedding Greenhouse Team for our wonderful mini palm wedding favors that helped to make part of our day so special!!"


Kristyn and Jason Schultz

"I wanted you to know and commend you on a GREAT wedding favor!!

When I placed my first order for the mini palms, the staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable! My bride and groom was extremely pleased with the way looked on the reception table. The guests were surprised and very happy with their gifts and commented on what a wonderful idea (it's a gift that keeps on giving). The care instructions were easy and mine is still beautiful a month later (and I haven't even had time to replant
mine). Thank you again for being so great to work with and I look
forward to having my brides order your plants a lot in the future!."

Leslie Ellison,PBC

Dreamy Affairs Wedding Planners
Columbia, South Carolina



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